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Brian Rayburn
Brian Rayburn


photo of Brian Rayburn

Statement of Purpose

I aim to align the capabilities we are generating through technological development with our social values, leveraging the tools we create to make a better world.

As we create the ability to cause change at larger scales, the need to adapt to externalities at those scales becomes of increasing importance. Understanding where oppurtunities to better match our adaptability with our capacity to induce change drives me to action.


My journey has taken me from the cutting edge of technological capabilities, such as quantum computing and artifical intelligence, to focusing on the edge between technology and society, where real-life problems can be impacted by shifting the relationship between people and machines.

I've learned that designing and building interfaces that become part of the fabric of today's sociotechnical systems depends on understanding the dynamics of the system at hand. During my Masters in Bioengineering Innovation and Design at Johns Hopkins, I learned how to apply Design Thinking to iteratively learn about the needs of the people involved to predict the local efficacy of any new technology. While building software for a number of real-world problems, from medication adherence, to SAAS tools to support english language learners, I've learned to apply Domain Driven Design to build abstractions that are meaningful and useful to those whose lives are directly impacted.

Most recently, I've recognized the need to understand the dynamics at the societal scale to be able to anticipate and purposely cause change at that level through targeted change. To this end, I've taken courses in Complex Systems Science and Network Models for Social Systems from top tier institutions.

I am passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex problems and am always open to discussing potential collaborations or opportunities.